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A Linkle to the Past by rongs1234

Haaaa my first critique... I really hope that I am doing this right. I gotta say, it gets 4 stars for originality simply because others...

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Soma appeared troubled, and well, you knew why. "What if my turning to evil is necessary to preserve-" *SLAP!* You slap him HARD across the face, granted your pushing your luck, knowing only a couple years ago he holds the power of Dracula. "Look Soma, she might be right. But think about it, does turning someone who DOESN'T want to be Dracula the right thing?" You ask, an annoyed and irritable look on your face. "I-I suppose not." Soma says, nursing his cheek tentatively, although to be honest it hurt more for you. "Look, your not Dracula ok? And I refuse to believe that your not turning into Dracula will turn the world to darkness! AND YOU SHOULDN'T either ok?" you say in an irritated voice. Soma appears to think it through deeply, and then smiles. "Enough debate, let's go home, and your buying." Soma says with a grin. You grimace and say, "Awwww come on! Why do I have to pay?" "Because I just saved the world from the potential resurrection of the Lord of Darkness." He says, with a triumphant grin, and you know he's right.
Predicaments Answered
The result of going back into my Castlevania fan-craze. I myself think that the main antagonist is crazy.
I was confined to my house by order of Garren, and I hadn't the courage to remind him I was HIS boss, mainly due to his vicious look when I got any funny ideas. Still, I hated this.... Being weak, and confined to provide support only. Making up my mind I went to the backyard, where Master Yi hanged out, I had to admit he had turned it from a backyard to a garden of meditation. I opened my mouth to speak but he simply held his hand up. "Speak no more, apprentice. I shall teach you Wuju." He said calmly, he was very good at reading me, and then said: "Before I teach you any actual techniques though, you must mentall cleanse yourself to commit fully." It took me 4 weeks before I had gained the mental clarity to learn his techniques, and 20 weeks before I convinced Garen I was capable of holding my own in a fight. My summoner robes had undergone abit of modification since then, looking less like wizard robes and more akin to those of a martial artists. I also carried a sword now (Which Master Yi helped me pick, and he chose well, it feels like a part of my arm more a then an object really.) and wasn't scrawny anymore, my body was now toned and could take a punch or ten. I took a hard look at the notice board, I needed a tough job to prove myself, and one definitely caught my eye. 'Souless Noxian bodies found in forest regions, Noxian High Command requests someone investigate these strange happenings', I held no love for Noxus politics (Given how it was home to more then afew corrupt individuals), but the job seemed dangerous so I decided to take my team to the region specified on the notice. Master Yi had taken it better then Garren, he simply verbally expressed his dislike of investigating someone who was killing Noxians.... Garren looked close to going on a rampage on the wall, to say the least of what he was growling. "Noxus.... Is.... My... Enemy....I.COULDN'T.CARE.LESS.ABOUT.SOMEONE.STEALING.THEIR.SOULESS SOULS." He growled menacingly, and I shivered alittle despite my training. "Look Garren, Master Yi, I'm not actually going to turn whoever is doing it in... Not to mention Noxus isn't entirely full of bad people-" Garren scoffed irritably, but his anger had clearly diminished. "- And it's about time we took on a job, why not take one that could very well end up getting us a new team member?" I proposed. "Fine." Garren muttered, and Master Yi simply nodded.

Three days later we arrived near the edge of the forest where the Noxians were ambushed, and had I not been on edge due to what happened here, I'd be lulled into a false sense of security given how serene the forest looked. Looks can be deceiving though, and I kept a hand on my sword as we trudged through the forests. Two hours had passed and we considered giving up and going home, when a beautiful lilting song echoed through the forest, I felt a immense desire to do anything for the person singing.... And then I shook my head, it was a good thing I had achieved mental clarity, being in a non self induced trance was never good. And then I noticed Garren was moving toward the source of the song, his face carrying a vacant expression. Ok I hope he'll forgive me for this. *SMACK* His vacant expression was replaced with one of anger, and then of absolute confusion. "W-Wha, what was I doing?" Garren asked bewildered, to which I replied: "Some sort of charm I think.... Still we've snapped out of it, so let's go to the source. I think we've found our soul stealer." By the time we reached the source, the song had stopped and was replaced by silence, and I wondered what other tricks our crafty little fox has in store. I regretted this thought as I saw our suspect, who infact sported quite afew fox tails, and was also a very pretty woman. "Hello Ma'am, I have to say that was some lovely singing." I said tactfully, hopefully flattery will make her less inclined (If she were our suspect) to steal our souls. She giggled alittle and seemed rather please by my attitude, which disturbed me alittle, why would anyone treat her badly? "Well.... You seem kind enough, my name's Ahri." She said, holding out her hand, which I clasped and said: "Zael, Zael Alethisen. A pleasure Milady." I said, smiling warmly. Her face seemed shocked for a moment, which told me she was a person afraid of how others would treat her. "If I may ask Ahri, why do you need souls anyways?" I asked tentatively, wondering if I was risking it. "So I can become human and be friends among your kind!" She said, the outlandish-ness of her reason made me almost stumble backwards in surprise. "S-Surely eating tbe souls of bad people isn't good for you? And also if they don't like you for this pretty form, then are they really true friends Ahri?" I asked, and she appeared disturbed, as though this was the first time she thought it (Or maybe she just kept avoiding the question). "A-Are you asking to be my friend?" Ahri asked, her face turning a tad pink. "Yes I am actually Ahri!" I said smiling, and added: "If you still wanna go about that, I'm sure the summoner's can think something up too." Overjoyed didn't seem to fit the sight I saw....
Zael's Investigations Chapter 2
I figure I might as well post this seeing as I have to seem semi active.
Steam guard authenticator, ruining my mercantile plans since 2016. *SIGH*
Oh well.
True awesomeness.
I miss the internet........ WAAAAAHH I WANNA MULTIPLAYER!!!!!
*Starts throwing a fit*


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